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Photographing the details – the wedding flowers

Continuing on from last week, in the series of photographing the details at weddings this week I’m moving on to the flowers. Now while the dresses at the majority of weddings tend to be some shade of white or cream, the flowers on the other hand come in all sorts of colours, sizes and styles. Being a wedding photographer in Scotland means that thistles tend to feature heavily at a lot of weddings I cover, mainly as buttonholes for the groom and his best man and ushers but occasionally they form part of the main bridal bouquet too.

Obviously, as you’d also expect, there is also a strong tartan theme running through a lot the flowers at my weddings. But with hundreds of tartans out there no two bouquets are quite the same. Brides choose their flowers for many different reasons, sometimes it’s Gran’s favourite flower, other times it’s the flower the bride was named after, often its to match in with the colour theme of the wedding, the stories and reasons for picking certain a flower are all just as unique and individual as the couples themselves.

So whether it’s tartan and thistles or bright orange lily’s, I’ve got it covered. Below is a selection of photographs of wedding flowers, including buttonholes and bouquets, from weddings I’ve photographed over the past few years.

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